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10 things a retailer should never say to a customer!

With so many shopping options the strongest way to maintain a good relationship with your client base is to create a positive experience and good customer service is step one. Customer service is also an important, if not the most important way to increase your sales. There are few words and phrases that should never be allowed on the sales floor.

I don't know

I'm busy right now

Hold on

Calm Down

That's not my job

It's against our policy

It's over there

Can you wait a minute

It's time for my break

I can't help you

Without customers, you wouldn't be in business. That is why it is surprising how easily retail stores drive customers away. And with the onset of online retailing, the competition for the customer has never been greater. The demand for an exceptional shopping experience has never been higher from customers.

Simply put, customers want their expectations exceeded. A simple bad answer can drive your customers out the door.

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