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Holiday Marketing Tips For a Holiday Season To Be Proud Of

The holiday season is right around the corner and now’s the time to start launching your holiday marketing campaign. Here are ten tips to have a great Holiday season.

10. Get involved in local events

Holiday events happen in every town or neighborhood, and they’re the perfect place to improve your brand visibility. Get involved and meet your community.

9. Give your social media accounts a holiday makeover

Get followers in the holiday spirit by updating your social media headers with seasonal images and holiday-inspired filters and fonts.

8. Team up with a local charity

Amp up your brand’s visibility and get involved in your community. Leverage the season of giving by helping a local charity raise money. Or, head out with your employees and work with a nonprofit together.

7. Throw a customer appreciation event Throw an in-store party. Customers will love the excuse to dress up and go out. This creates a huge shopping event. Make it a tradition to look forward to enjoying every year.

6. Be like Santa with giveaways and gifts

Treat your social media followers to a great gift. Provide personal shopping services for your customers? Give away some nice small gifts to show your appreciation. A coffee mug with your logo filled with chocolates or a cute ornament that will remind them of your brand.

5. Don't be a Grinch with extras

It’s the time of year to go a bit overboard. Offer complimentary gift wrapping, lower your free shipping minimum or surprise shoppers by including a complimentary stocking stuffer with every purchase.

4. Partner up with your neighbors

Cross-promotions open you up to an entirely new group of customers. Host a holiday sale with another business, team up with other brands to give out coupons to each other’s customers or host a holiday giveaway with a neighboring business.

3. Add some holiday cheer to your website

Make your site visitors feel festive and ready to check out. Decorate your website for the season with seasonal tweaks to your logo, copy and site design.

2. Send out holiday cards

Let customers and clients know you appreciate their business. A thoughtful card goes a long way to improve loyalty, and if you send the cards early enough it will remind them to shop your way.

1. Create your own gift guides

Everyone loves creative gift guides. And they’re great for email marketing. Include a few of your own products, but also incorporate products from other brands your customers love as well.

My Bonus gift to you: Entice those last-minute shoppers

By mid December so many of your customers are just starting to shop. Rev up your advertising and email campaigns. Include a few last minute promotions and discounts.

Try one or all of these and have a super Holiday Season.

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