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Retail Consulting

Helping retail businesses create a competitive advantage


Find Your Success


Retail-Fashioned is a Denver based retail consulting firm. Helping our retail and retail development partners find their growth potential, create competitive advantages and unlock realistic profit opportunities.

Brick and Mortar Retail


  • Accelerate growth

  • Profit and sales strategies

  • Marketing strategies

  • General merchandising

  • Effective buying with higher profit margins

  • Improved customer experience and loyalty

Development Partners


  • Find the right retail mix for your development

  • Research current and future retail trends for your location

  • Locate Pop-up and event retail

  • Help maximize traffic flow​

  • Set up training programs for tenants and employees

  • Community building ideas

Wholesale Partners

  • Recommend retail partners

  • Locate retail locations

  • Sales staff training

  • Concept evolution


TheThe Retail industry is evolving. Building the right strategies to succeed requires an acute understanding of the consumer, one that will distinguish you and the overall retail experience.  Retail-Fashioned is a new thought process that helps you look at your retail business interests with fresh eyes, in the face of mounting competition. 

Retail-Fashioned can help your business compete and grow. I welcome the opportunity to meet and discuss your potential, your ideas and your challenges.

How we can help

Ilene Vivinetto Suter

With over 30 years of retail experience, Ilene Vivinetto Suter has worn every hat in the industry. As a small business owner and entrepreneur, she grew her shoe and fine leather goods boutique into a million dollar business in the face of the national recession and the challenges associated with a new location and ever-changing industry.

She has a sharp eye for fashion and a strong business sense.  Her overall retail savvy has proven to be invaluable to friends, colleagues and seasoned professionals in the industry who need someone to evaluate their business with a fresh pair of eyes.

Ilene's experience, knowledge and intuition for the retail industry has helped countless developers, shop owners, salespeople and retail entrepreneurs discover a clear path to success.  She would welcome the opportunity to assist you with your retail ventures.

Tel: (303) 903-6155





1350 Hudson Street

Denver, Colorado  80220

Tel:  (303) 903-6155


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